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Process Lasso Pro Crack is a very popular computer program that has been around for over five years. It’s not about making slow computers faster. Instead, Process Lasso is designed to keep your computer running optimally for maximum responsiveness. So yes, it’s designed for both high-end processors and low-end processors. Process Lasso Pro uses a unique feature called ProBalance. This built-in algorithm prevents you from lagging while using your computer. Basically what it does is monitor processes, i.e. running programs for high CPU usage, and avoid normal overuse of individual threads’ priorities, i.e. switching a single processor core between multiple threads or processes. Process Lasso Pro Crack + Serial Key Latest {2023}

Process Lasso Pro Crack install and let it run quietly in the background. It can be used as an “install it and forget it” type of software. If you fall into this category, it means you only need the power of ProBalance, and in the smallest applications, you might want to check out the recently released CPUBalance program. It uses the same core engine as its big brother but can work without Process Lasso, or as an add-on to Process Lasso with some additional features. It looks messy and I don’t want to use complicated functions. Don’t be fooled by Process Lasso’s complex user interface. You have nothing to do.

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Process Lasso Pro License Key has a technology called ProBallance, which can automatically optimize system process priority when a process occupies a large amount of CPU, prevent the entire system from becoming unresponsive, and maintain good operating speed and system stability. If you’re an advanced user, you’ll be happy to know that Process Lasso can be used to change process priority, CPU affinity (core selection), choose from the various power profiles available, and more. IdleSaver is especially useful for laptop users because it runs the processor at peak performance when you’re using the computer.

Process Lasso Pro Serial Key is a different system optimization tool that optimizes system process priority to increase system speed. You know that applying the system is the application process. When a process requires too much CPU usage for a long time, it will cause the system to freeze or become unresponsive. The Process Lasso settings menu allows you to customize the application to run automated tasks based on specific trigger rules. For example, you can configure it to switch to a power plan when opening selected processes, have the program keep your computer awake for a certain period.

Process Lasso Pro Download

Process Lasso Pro Free Download has several additional features compared to the free version. This includes application power profiling, process monitoring, CPU throttling, autoplay nodes, and more. This is caused by the application Process Lasso located in the system tray. The best part is that it won’t interfere with your antivirus software. I tried it with Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 and now I’m trying it with AVG AntiVirus 2017 Beta. So, if you decide to download Bitsum Process Lasso Pro from our website, you should not face such problems.

This helps prevent one program from hogging resources, and causing delays and ensures that other programs have enough processing power. The program reprioritizes between running applications, which allows processes of 1% Hundreds of loads to cause the system, thus reducing the load to a minimum. Allow processes to restart automatically if they fail, set priorities and corresponding CPUs, and more. But puts the system into a power-saving state called balanced mode when it’s idle, essentially a power-saving scheme.

Process Lasso Pro Crack + Serial Key Latest {2023}

Process Lasso Key Features:

  • ProBalance – Dynamic Prioritization and Relevance Optimization
  • Fixed priority and CPU affinity
  • Performance mode: maximum performance mode
    Disable CPU core parking and frequency scaling
  • Process Monitoring – IFTTT Advanced Rules
  • CPU Limiter: Limit the app’s CPU usage
  • Instance Balancer – Distribute application instances across CPU cores
  • Instance Limits – Limit the number of running application instances
  • Power Profile Automation – Change power plans while apps are running
  • Disallow processes: prevent selected processes from running
  • keep running: automatically restart a terminated process
  • Responsiveness metrics: New algorithms for measuring system responsiveness
  • SmartTrim: Selective threshold-based virtual memory trimming
  • Independent main engine below (governor)
  • Pool Extender – Allows independent applications in the pool to use more than 64 CPU cores
  • Available in x86-32 (bit) and x86-64 (bit) versions.


  • This is an easy-to-use tool that anyone without prior technical knowledge can use, but be sure to choose the correct date format as it is divided into three regions (US, Europe, and Asia).
  • It is available in multiple languages which is also a good thing as users can enjoy Process Lasso in their native language.
  • Pro Balance mode is very effective as it improves system performance.
  • This software is suitable for Windows XP to Windows 10 and all server versions and is more popular than similar tools.
  • Some guides and documents provided are also helpful.


  • As you can see there is only one flaw that we don’t like, otherwise, everything is perfect.
  • If you have a Windows or Windows Server PC, try Process Lasso.

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What’s New In Process Lasso?

  • GUI: Add registry option to disable stay awake indefinitely after reboot, HKLMSoftwareProcessLasso:
  • KeepAwakeResetOnReboot(dword bool)
  • GUI/Kernel: Allow the Keep-Alive indefinite setting to persist across reboots
  • GUI: Show notification when Process Lasso starts with Keep Awake Indefinite still active
  • GUI: Improved splash screen text in German
  • Installer: Enhanced EULA format

Process Lasso System Requirements:

  • OS support: Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Pentium IV and higher
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
  • Free hard disk space: 200 MB or more

Process Lasso Pro Crack






Process Lasso Pro Serial Key






How To Install Process Lasso Crack?

  • Download the file from the following link
  • If you keep a previous version, uninstall it with the uninstaller
  • Install the software on your device
  • Follow the instructions
  • You did it
  • To Enjoy?


Process Lasso Pro Crack is an impressive application that improves PC stability and application performance. Since Windows allows applications to use the user’s CPU without limit, causing system errors and stutters, this is a big headache when Bitsum Process Lasso Pro comes in handy as a solution. Solved the problem like a charm. It prioritizes applications based on their purpose and does not interfere with the user’s use of the computer or applications.

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