Reikan FoCal Pro 2024 Crack + Latest Version Full Download

Reikan FoCal Pro 2024 Crack + Latest Version Full Download

Reikan FoCal Pro 2024 Crack is designed to provide a comprehensive and accurate means of focusing, calibrating, and testing the latest Canon and Nikon cameras and DSLR lenses. Included with every FoCal Pro purchase is a license key to use FoCal Pro with compatible cameras on Windows and Mac operating systems.FoCal runs on your computer and connects to the camera via the USB cable (supplied with the camera). Through this connection, FoCal can operate the camera remotely, use it to take test images, upload them, and analyze them in real-time for clarity and detail. for a complete list of cameras that support FoCal, which means that all Canon cameras The camera support AF micro-adjustment

Reikan FoCal Pro Crack Latest Version Download {2023}

Reikan FoCal Pro Crack automates much of the calibration process, so autofocus calibration using FoCal is fast, accurate, and provides an objective, error-free lens calibration method. Calibrate most Canon and Nikon cameras and lenses with Reikan’s FoCal Pro lens calibration. This simple software runs on your Windows or Mac computer for convenience. Using your camera’s USB cable, FoCal Pro can connect and remotely control your camera, take test images, and upload and analyze each image in real time. Image and video compression formats: Reikan FoCal works with pictures and videos in JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats.

Reikan FoCal Pro Software Free Download

Reikan FoCal Pro Free software is divided into several components that must be present in your camera to function. You need these components installed on your camera to use the Reikan FoCal software. In addition to autofocus calibration, FoCal Pro supports focal lengths more extraordinary than 400mm, aperture sharpness, and compares your results with other FoCal users worldwide FoCal Pro Download Crack works by focusing focused light from a camera onto its sensor. This comparison allows the software to calculate the difference between the captured light and the light captured by the camera so that autofocus issues can be automatically corrected.

FoCal can remotely control the camera through this connection, causing it to take test photographs, download those images, and instantly assess them for sharpness and detail. For any attached auto-focus compatible lens, FoCal calculates the ideal auto-focus calibration value, setting mirror lockup and de-focusing in between test images. With little input from the user, FoCal can generate the appropriate calibration with accuracy and ease using proprietary image processing and statistically predictive algorithms.

Reikan FoCal Pro Crack + Keygen Full Download {2024}

FoCal Pro offers focal lengths greater than 400mm, focus consistency, aperture sharpness, analyses for dust, and compares your results with those of other FoCal users worldwide in addition to the autofocus calibration. Results of calibration and testing are saved and stored for future inspection. Calibration setup is simple; just mount the supplied FoCal Target to a wall while your camera is mounted to a tripod and set to live view for precise alignment. The automatic focus calibration procedure takes over as soon as the target is set up, producing a speedy and error-free result for up to 5 cameras at once.

Calibration is fully automatic. Your camera and lens combination’s autofocus micro-adjustment (AFMA) or autofocus fine-tune (AFT) value is automatically adjusted until the ideal setting is discovered that offers you the clearest focus. Additionally, Reikan FoCal Pro Keygen creates a PDF report that includes information on your autofocus system’s statistics and the calibration’s outcomes. Tool for Comparing Lenses. With the help of this tool, you may evaluate the autofocus capabilities of several lenses or variations of the same lens. At various apertures and focal lengths, it evaluates each lens’ sharpness, contrast, chromatic aberration, vignetting, distortion, and field curvature.

Reikan FoCal Pro Crack + Full Version Full Download {2024}

Sharpness Tool for Apertures. You can use this tool to gauge how sharp your lens is at various apertures. It demonstrates how much diffraction impacts the quality of your images and how much detail your lens can resolve at each aperture setting. Tool for Dust Analysis. You can use this tool to find and find any dust spots on your camera sensor. It examines photos of a fixed target taken at various apertures for dust patterns. It displays the locations of the dust spots on your sensor and their impact on image quality at various apertures. Additionally, it creates a PDF report that displays graphs and the findings of the dust study.

Reikan FoCal Pro Crack Latest Version Download {2023}


  • Connect FoCal to your camera and take complete control: automatically set up, adjust, shoot, and analyze everything.
  • Complete calibration in just 90 seconds.
  • Compare your results with thousands of other users to see how your device performs.
  • FoCal works with all Canon and Nikon cameras with autofocus.
  • Assisted Target Setup – Live View assistance for accurate target setup.
  • At the stroke of a button, you may calibrate your camera or lens in fully automatic mode.
  • File Mode Calibration: calibrate using a collection of hand-taken image files.
  • Find the sharpest aperture for your lenses with the “Aperture Sharpness” tool.
  • Check your camera’s autofocus performance for autofocus consistency.
  • Analyze the amount of dust on your sensor to determine at what aperture it will begin to influence photos.
  • MultiPoint Focus Test – automatic evaluation of numerous focus points, including complete individual calibration.
  • Try any focus point; don’t simply look at the center; try any concentration point.
  • Along with the additional tests listed above, FoCal Pro also offers the following supplementary capabilities that, when applicable, apply to all tests:
  • Report Generation: produces thorough PDF reports containing all analytical findings.
  • Target Optimisation employs the FoCal target’s properties to enhance test analysis.
  • Review the information from any previous test in the test history section.
  • Compare your equipment to those of thousands of other users to see how it truly performs.

Reikan FoCal Pro Crack Keys






Reikan FoCal Pro Latest Version






System Requirements:

  • System Requirements:
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Hard Drive: 2 GB
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Internet Connection

How To Install?

  • Download the file from the following link
  • If you keep a previous version, uninstall it with the uninstaller
  • Install the software on your device
  • Follow the instructions
  • You did it
  • Enjoy


Reikan FoCal Pro Crack has been the leader in helping camera owners calibrate their cameras and lenses for better image quality. Used by tens of thousands of photographers in over 120 countries, FoCal is the only automatic calibration software that can check your camera and easily adjust focus. The free version offers the option of using a FoCal camera control unit or connecting the camera wirelessly via USB, and the company’s autofocus system checks verify settings, and synchronize the camera’s timer function.

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